I love writing about history, literature, and the latest developments in science and technology. I also like writing introspective personal essays chronicling my journey through life. Click on the images below to read some of my pieces!

At Odds With The Air, Reclamation Magazine
Spies, Secrets, and Science, Reclamation Magazine
Nature Runs on Information, Medium
Cryptography and the Mycenaean Greeks, Medium
Interview with Noor Unnahar, Reclamation
Deconstructing the Chosen One Trope, BAOS
A Supermarket in Chennai, Medium
Interview with Alana Karen, Women Tech Network

Starry Nights, Horizon (IIT Madras)
In Conversation with Vijay Sarathy, Reclamation
Traipse Through the Internet With Me, Reclamation
Bio Digital Twins – Sci-fi or Reality?, Medium